The Magnetic Separator GX-500 is a WHIMS (Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator) type of equipment, of GAUSTEC's GX series, used for separating or concentrating materials with different magnetic responses. Projected for the heavy-duty work, offers several technological innovations:  


Electricity Saving:

Air Cooling system with magnetic stability:

Water Saving:

Project Outlines:


Easy Maintenance:

Easy operation and processing:




Investment and Cost reduction:



The GX-500 can be used in processes where the magnetic material is the final product to be obtained, such as iron ore, ilmenite, chrome ore, manganese, tungsten, zinc, nickel, tantalum, niobium, molybdenium, etc.
Alternatively, the GX-500 can also be used to concentrate non-magnetic material by removing the magnetic contaminants, i.e. silica, kaolin, graphite, bauxite, etc.
Feed rate (t/h) (*)

(*) Valores para minério de ferro, a 40% de sólidos. Condicionado à realização de testes.