Major advances in magnetic
separation equipment.

Os separadores Gaustec® economizam até 50% em consumo de energia elétrica quando comparado aos equipamentos existentes no mercado (para o mesmo campo magnético).


Gaustec® is a company recognized intenationally for its experience in the wet high intensity Magnetic Separators’ fabrication (WHIMS) for separating magnetic and paramagnetic materials. As a differential, Gaustec® possesses a highly capacitade technical staff with more than 30 years of experience in the large mining market, always guaranteeing a high technological quality standard in its projects, designs and products. We are ready to offer consulting services as well as technical assistance, project development and maintenanceservices. Gaustec® has ownership over 18 innovation registrated patents. Among its top projects are the smallest magnetic separator in the world, the Minimag, for utilization in research laboratories. The Minimag been already exported to countries such as France, India and Australia. On the other hand Gaustec® has also built the largest magnetic separator in the world , the GX-800.


Through a partnership with allmineral, a German company ( who is the market leader in mining equipment, Gaustec® exports its technology to various contries around the world. This partnership, allows Gaustec® to develop in its research center the project and designs of its equipments and parts according to the client's specifications delegating to Allmineral the production and exportation of said equipments to various countries in the world.


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